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Please help me remove, “Responsive Theme powered by WordPress” line from the footer.

Here the link to the website, http://www.mitrodigitalmarketing.com

We paid for this template.

Try adding this CSS to your custom CSS:

.powered {
display: none;


Here’s some useful info to get you started with custom CSS

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Towing Service Miami Florida

At Medford Towing, we offer 24 hour towing services. We are always ready to help people stuck in unforeseen road incidents. Our professional towing services will reach you quickly and promptly. Our staff is experienced in handling all types of road emergency jobs. We offer our affordable towing service for both local & long distance tows.

We Offer The Following:

Medford Towing & Repair Office

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Easy VSL 3.0 Review And Bonus

EasyVSL 3.0 Video Sales Letter Creation Software by Mark Thompson – Best High-Converting Video Sales Letter Software That Created from Start to Finish in UNDER 60-Seconds With No Powerpoint, No Photoshop, No Extra Software And Get New Features “Kinetic” Style Videos, Automated Speech Recognition, Instant Image Search Library,  Import EasyVSL Presentations, Sound Effect Library And Many More

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Content Marketing With Page Builder

Looking for ways to remove powered by WordPress from your blog? Whoever said setting up a blog/site is easy never had to do it alone. While the process of installing WordPress and picking a theme is pretty straightforward, there are tens of minor (and often tedious) tasks you’ll have to check off your to-do list before taking your site live.

And the worst part? You probably won’t even think of them until you start to customize your little corner of the Internet. Removing “powered by WordPress” from your footer is a prime example of such a dreary task. Not to worry, though – we have some useful and easy to follow advice that will rid you of this problem in a jiffy. Read on.

Although Google advises against linking externally in the footer, certain WordPress themes incorporate the infamous “powered by WordPress” link by default – including Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, and Twenty Twelve.

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Use This WordPress Plugin To Add Quizzes

You can create unlimited quizzes. There are no limitations on that.

WP Quiz will work with any WordPress theme out there. If you are facing any issue while using, please contact us and we will help you resolve it.

Yes, the quizzes created are fully responsive.

Yes, WP Quiz offers one-click demo import data. Just head over to WP Dashboard -> WP Quiz -> Import/Export and click on Import Demo button.

Yes, we support Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & VK.

Please make sure you have entered your Facebook App ID in WP Dashboard >> WP Quiz >> General Settings Clear your cache afterward and try again. If that doesn’t help, please try disabling all other plugins and see if that helps. If all else fails, please raise a support ticket and we will make sure to help you asap.

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Tea Infuser & Tea Tumbler In One For Hot&cold Tea Herbal Tea Lose Leaf Lose Weight

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How To Get A Small Business Loan

Many clients approach me thinking a site is done in WordPress while it is not. So, how to find if a site is powered by WordPress?

0. Use IsitWP.com. It detects a WordPress site with almost 100% accuracy.

1. Right click on any page in the site and select “View page source“. You can also select “Page Source” in the view menu in the browser.

In the source page, search for terms like wp-content or wp-admin or wp-includes . Any site not having these words in the source is not powered by WordPress. Some might have changed the wp prefix for security reasons. But is a very rare case.

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