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Download and install the Instant Articles for WP plugin.

Connect the plugin to Facebook using a Facebook Developers App ID. From your WordPress CMS, click on Instant Articles in the left nav bar and then input your App ID and App Secret in step 1. Don’t have an App ID or App Secret? Learn how to create one.

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Scheidenpilz Ursachen

Zum Thema Scheidenpilz gibt es viele Beiträge und Informationen.

Dennoch möchte man als Frau schnell erfahren was Scheidenpilz eigentlich genau ist.

Hier sind 7 Fakten die Sie wissen sollten.

1. Eine Ansteckung beim Geschlechtsverkehr ist möglich, es ist dennoch keine geschlechtskrankheit!

2. Die Symptome und erste Anzeichen einer Infektion sind Juckreiz, geruchloser Ausfluss und errötung im äußeren Bereich.

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Custom-made Dogs Evaluations

If you are looking to commission dog portraits, you have come to the right place! My name is David Kennett and I have been painting dog portraits and animal paintings since I was a child. I grew up painting animals and flowers in watercolor and only in the last few years have I painted dog portraits in oil and I truly love it. I am based in beautiful Denver, Colorado but accept commissions from anywhere the mail goes. In fact, my dog portraits are currently displayed in homes and offices on four continents around the globe! I hope you enjoy my dog portraits gallery and look forward to hearing from you soon. Note: these paintings are roughly in the order I painted them with the most recent showing up on page 1. You can expect your painting to look more like my recent work then my work from years back.


Botox Injections In Chichester

BOTOX® treatment is a safe and effective minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can be preformed in a matter of minutes at a dental office. Facial wrinkles such as frown lines, crow’s feet, and smoker lines can be a thing of the past. Small amounts of BOTOX® Cosmetic are injected into the facial muscles to deactivate their function on the selective basis for about a 3 month period, long term use of the injections leads to a longer duration of each treatment’s effect. There is no down time, it is virtually painless, many patients present for treatment on their lunch break, and normal activities may be performed immediately.

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Alvisse Parc Hotel Luxembourg Lastminute Deals

Predating our use of Cascade Server by two years, our installation of WordPress on a dedicated server was a stopgap measure instituted first (and still) for our online daily news outlet: PhilaU Today. WordPress was free, open source and easy to install and get up and running. Its community of devoted developers writing plugins for practically everything also made WordPress more appealing than its competition at the time. Once the word spread (a partial pun?), academic programs and services (e.g., Industrial Design or Study Abroad on any given year) began to request installations that would allow them to showcase their particular student work and news — elements not always covered in PhilaU Today or on the recruitment-focused websites for each major. By the time we adopted Cascade, these blogs were legacy, and with our focus on using Cascade to push out the unified design of the juggernaut of our primary domain that encompasses over 50 academic programs, 3 distinct colleges and numerous administrative departments, we made the conscious decision to let the WordPress blogs be while we developed and designed the — by nature of our brand — Philadelphia University website proper.

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Car Wash Great Falls MT | Automatic Car Wash

Want a car wash in Great Falls? We are a Great Falls based car wash with automatic and do it yourself car washing in the Great Falls area (Montana) including Countryside Village, Foxfarm Road, Gibson Flats and Emerson Junction.

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Close to Giant Springs State Park, Great Falls
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Visit the best car wash in Great Falls, Montana, including Countryside Village and Foxfarm Road today.

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Marketing For Professional Photographers

Remember Jeremy Meeks? His face broke the internet when he was posted on the Facebook page of the Stockton Police Department.

After 27 months in a Nevada prison on a felony weapons charge, Jeremy is out, and apparently is living it up. He’s now got himself a verified instagram account, over 50K followers, and a deal with a modeling company.

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Tips What Are Psoriasis Herbal

Actress Ciena Rae Nelson took to Instagram last week to post a powerful message about psoriasis with a pair of side-by-side photos: On the left, her face during a flare-up, the red, scaly patches just visible beneath her makeup. On the right, the same photo, but edited to enhance the color and details—and portray what the skin disease actually feels like.

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Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease affecting an estimated 7.5 million people in the U.S. It causes skin cells to grow at a faster rate, leading to itchy lesions that can sometimes be painful. The condition is often diagnosed in early adulthood (between ages 20 and 35) and nearly one-third of those who suffer from it have a family history of the disease. There isn’t a cure, but avoiding or minimizing possible triggers—such as stress, alcohol, and exposing your skin to cold, dry air—can help keep flare-ups under control.

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